Rozie Cookies is a Manufacturer and Supplier of High Quality Assorted Handmade Cookies

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About us

Starting with a small business from home in cookie making since 1989. We produce and supply a genuine home made cookies for all occasions,  festive seasons and daily sales throughout the year. We also offer a wholesale price for our regular and established agents, dealers and vendors  dealing with us to market the product. We have been introducing many types of cookies throughout more than 20 years of experience in this business to suit the market demand and to fulfill customer's satisfaction. We also introduce new cookies every year of production. Every new cookies introduced will be updated in our website, facebook and instagram. 

Our product 

Most of our cookies is a butter based product with high quality sources of ingredients to ensure and maintain our quality to fulfill the customer's satisfaction. We have introduced variety of cookies throughout our experience and involvement in this industry to meet the market demand. Some of the top selling and sustainable cookies which already well known by our regular customers for many years are Chocolate Badam, White Almond, Pineapple tart, Chocolate chip, Samprit, Hazelnut ball and many more. We also introduced new cookies like Blueberry danish, Cranberry choc chip, Crispy chocorice, Deli coffee, Coconut yam, Pandan nestum, Durian cornflakes, Sesame carino and will introduce more new cookies from time to time. For more information please click "Product Gallery" button below:

How we started

Getting involved in cookie making for over 20 years starting with a small business from home with limited facilities and capital. Responses from the customers encouraged us improvised and moved steps further by attending more classes of cookie making and bakeries conducted by experienced and established chefs from local and international. With all the certifications throughout many years of experience, we decided to expand our business and to commercialize our product. By using registered product label of ROZIE COOKIES which is subsidized by Ruzoth Resources - our registered company, we have expanded the business and increased our capacity of production to supply cookies in big volume for local market and exporting abroad like Singapore. Our current capacity of production is 200~250 kg (200~300 packs of average 500g/pack) of cookies per day. To date, we have introduced more than 200 names of cookies since 1989. In addition to our main product, we do sell and supply traditional cookies for festive seasons and daily sales. We also have few vendors in Klang Valley area selling our products for daily sales. 
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Some samples of packaging 

Our Priority

Our priority is to produce a high quality butter based cookies with high quality sources of ingredients to ensure and maintain our quality to fulfill the customer's satisfaction . The advantages of our cookie's product identified by most of our customers is it's texture. Most of our cookies is less sweet, crispy and crunchy except for the pineapple tart and other soft cookies.

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